Leela (facebook, banner) was lost near kristianstad (sweden) at the beginning of october 2018. She is in survival mode and she doesn't trust people. If you see her, don't call her nor catch her, but just call as soon as possible to +46 72 169 62 49, 62 0721-69 49.

Due to some comments we received, we are forced to clarify that nobody linked directly or indirectly to this webpage has never contacted any breeder to buy/ ask about a puppy. If someone directly linked to this page asks for puppies in some moment, that person will not mention the link with the webpage.

21/10/21- Cynosport games 2021 (USA) takes place this weekend. webpage, facebook, results, courses, live stream on youtube.

20/10/21- Border collie puppies in germany: the litter out of fuel X why not hash my queen is born (facebook); they are 4 females & 3 males.
Maremma cup is on april 15- 18 in italy (facebook); the judges are sandra deidda, anders virtanen (finland), rene blank (germany), paolo rebasti, andrea bellachioma.
Lord of the winter: there is an extra course (death run) for qualifying to the final (facebook).
Gold rush: there is a list of accomodations in the webpage (click).
Course design: post from Dan shaw (england) on facebook what he wants to see on the courses for the different grades. In courses for grade 1- 4 he searches for speed and confidence, flowing and natural lines, areas to encourage the dogs to send away from their handler and safe entries to the obstacles. In courses for grades 5- 7 he looks for the same plus an increment in obstacle dricrimination, jump skill independence and handling skills.

19/10/21- Puppies: a male croatian sheepdog puppy from alen marekovic is available in croatia (facebook). Border collie litter expected in slovenia for next week Jam X style (facebook); style is from max sprinz, jam is daughter of app, granddaughter of jazz (matej cucek) & summit(justine davenport).
Courses: juraj ruza from slovakia (facebook), Masao Yagyu (japan) for beginners (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook), synnove matre from norway (facebook). Training course from Sofia Petersson (facebook).
Videos: victoria kowlaski (germany) & taki (facebook), lisa frick (austria), taco, hash & jack (facebook), anna eifert (hungary) & nebraska (youtube), dani lehrer (germany) & leni (youtube), Lucie Konecná (czech rep.) in a seminar with tereza kralova (youtube), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (facebook), beata luchowska (poland) & kobra (facebook), vivy specian from brazil (facebook: 1, 2) thanking the help from tobias wüst (germany).
Germany: competition on december 31 - january 2 (close to the BACK) en Albbruck (facebook). The judges are stefanie semkat (germany) & seppo savikko (finland).
France: aurélie guilloteau made an outside agility field with natural grass and is looking to organize seminars in her place (facebook).
Italy: competition on february 12- 13 (facebook); the judges are sandra deidda (italy) & the german judge daniel walz.

18/10/21- Meeting FCI: up to some comments on agilitystas' facebook in spaincionan, 4 categories were voted; the large will be divided in two groups 43-47.99 cm and more than 47.99. The heights are 50 (maximum) and 50- 60 cm (facebook). This has not been the commun decision for the "small" large dogs and there are several 48- 49 cm dogs competing as "small" large dogs in their countries.

17/10/21- Live stream: hungarian national championship (facebook).
Courses: Sofia Petersson in sweden (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), Bent Bo Blom Larsen from denmark (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), .
Videos: jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), daniel walz (germany) with spider from silas boogk (facebook), Aneta Obrusníková (czech rep.) & mer (youtube), Olga Lisitsyna (russia) & thrash (facebook), manuela satta (italy) training in mendig (facebook), elin steinholtz (sweden), kion, vix (1, 2).
International agility festival 2022 is on august 11- 14. They are looking for judges (facebook).

16/10/21- Live stream: hungarian national championship (facebook).
Verbano challenge 2022 is on april 29- may 1st (facebook).
Courses: Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), Johanna Wüthrich from finland (facebook). Courses at the national championship in hungary: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook: 1, 2, 3), reka balogh- nagy (facebook: 1, 2).
Videos: joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) training running contacts with monki (facebook), lisa frick (austria) & jack (facebook).
Southamerica: copa agility 3 estaçao 4 patas in ilha guaratiba (brazil) on october 23 (instagram); the judges are samir & zezinho. II open 4 fun de agility in sao paulo on october 17 (facebook) judged by samy & marcela françoso;; it will have live stream on facebook from 4 fun agility club (instagram). Courses: guillermo nasi (facebook) luciano peccin (instagram: 1, 2).

15/10/21- Polish open: the judges are alina startseva from russia, stefanie semkat from germany, seppo savikko from finland, vittorio papavero from italy (facebook: 1, 2). webpage, facebook. It is on february 4- 6 in Legnica (poland).
Norway will have 5 sizes in agility (facebook).
Books/DVD in dogwise, some with discounts (click).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook).
Germany: the VDH championship is on december 4-5 at hundesportwelt (facebook).
Videos: niina liina (finland) & ingrid (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & ice (facebook), luis rusko (germany) & mii (facebook), parallel justine davenport/ match & jessica patterson/ lux (facebook).
Shape up (canada): registrations are open for Shape Up or Ship Out! (click). It is 8 lessons to train for the competitions in 2022; the cost is 220 canadian dollars.

14/10/21- FCI WC 2023: the judge from czech rep. chosen is karl havlicek (facebook).

13/10/21- FCI WC 2022: the date published by the FCI is not correct (not updated); Alen Marekovic (croatia) confirmed that the world cup will be on september 21- 25 (facebook).
Meeting FCI: it was held two weeks ago but there is no information on the different topics discussed (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned in czech rep. (facebook); in their pedigree they have eiri greme gwen, fetch granting pleasure, rising sun dark raider. Border collie puppies planned in australia (facebook); they are garndchildren of seemework key (sire of miss lilly from jenny damm) and stig (full brother of fame from dave munnings).
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & smokey (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & nuii training slalom, seesaw (facebook), sabina stastna (czech rep.) & muki (facebook)

12/10/21- EO 2024: UK announced that they will organize it as well as the EO junior 2023 (facebook).

11/10/21- Olga Korovaykova (russia) is one of the judges of FCI agility world championship in 2022. She is judging a trial on november 27 at the equestrian center Passage- Пассаж in russia (click); the deadline for registrations is november 24. Interview in russian, (google translation to inglés).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson from sweden (facebook), Laura Chudleigh (england) training with lisa frick (facebook), mario araujo (portugal) at a seminar with nina gregl from croatia (facebook), angela kowalski (germany) & chuck (facebook). Videos from the live stream of the trials organized by agility trust (spain) this weekend (facebook).
Netherlands: quali rules for world cup, etc (click).
Courses: jocke tangfelt from sweden (facebook), seppo savikko from finland (facebook), chip gerfen at an UKI trial in USA (facebook), Mikko Aaltonen from finland (facebook), eric courant from france (facebook). Exercises from birgitta hermansson (facebook).
Susan Garrett offers for those joining handling 360 a free masterclass, 3 videos and 3 challenges during october (click). Video on facebook from the webinar this weekend.

10/10/21- Courses: jouni kauto from finland (facebook), karel havlicek from slovakia (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook).
Videos: roman lukac (slovakia) &ammp; metaxa (facebook), jura bonetti (italy), loca & brienne (facebook), pavol vakonic (slovakia) & kasia kay (facebook), Tuulia Liuhto from fnland (facebook). Videos of the quali trials for nordic championship in sweden (facebook).
France: calendar 2021- 2022 with the quali trials and championships (click).

09/10/21- EO 2022 in belgium: webpage, program, entering/ leaving belgium with dogs (1, 2). Reference: agilitynow.eu.

08/10/21- Intensive training with mona grefenstein (germany) on november 12 (facebook). It costs 85 euros.
Seminars: stephanie hering in germany on october 24 (facebook); the cost is 65 euros. Seminar with enya habel (sweden) in greece on november 27- 28 (facebook).
Switzerland: registrations for the border collie national championship are open (1, 2). Registrations for dogs fromother breeds, classes and categories are accepted. The trial is on november 27.
Videos: Sophie Rachel at a seminar with dave munnings & dan shaw (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in poland out of Zen X Arya (facebook). Zen's ancestors include eiri greme gwen, rising sun dark rider. etc. Arya comes from fetch granting pleasure, eiri greme moss, etc.
Obstacles: 5.5 m used tunnel available in czech rep. (facebook).
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).

07/10/21- B.A.C.K 2022: they received 1300 registrations but they can only accept 800 places. If someone can't go to the event, they return the spot and the organization give it to someone else. The spot can't be for sale (facebook).
Obstacles from Max 200 with 10% discount if they are picked up at cynosport games at the end of october (facebook). The obstacles used at the event are sold at the end of the competition.
Sweden: this weekend are the qualification competitions for the team at nordic championship (1, 2). The judges are alex beitl (germany) & jocke tangfelt.

06/10/21- Gold rush: the judges are martin eberle (switzerland) and the local local paul hirning (click).
Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), blaz oven from slovenia (facebook), tamas traj from hungary (facebook).
Online courses: justine davenport & jessica patterson (canada) will share trainings, discusions, videos. Registrations will open soon (facebook).
Videos: zeljko gora (croatia) & smokey (facebook).
France:the weather destroyed everything at club Chambonas (facebook). The activities are cancelled and they are reaising funds for reconstructing the club.
Shetland puppies expected in italy in october (facebook). They are out of One (Ready player One) X Amy (Oris back back to black).

05/10/21- Courses: sandra deidda from italy (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook), iban cubedo (españa) en francia (facebook), Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook).
Videos: Marina Beshovishka (bulgaria) & eip (youtube), dani fischbach (germany), cocke (instagram), rita papp (hungary), tengo & stico (facebook), nicola giraudi (italy) & Eira (facebook), anita szilagyi (hungary), dita & deni (youtube), elina jäniesnemi from finland (facebook), running contacts training of isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (facebook), Iwona Golab (poland) & seeya (facebook).
British agility championships, etc: registrations are open (facebook), Information: webpage, facebook.
Amadeus: after the unexpected death of Josef Göllner (founder of amadeus) in march, it was nbot sure the event was going to go on. It has been decided to organize another one in 2022 (1, 2).
Podcasts from kathy keats talks ‘about high performance principles (mindset, training, preparing for big events) that apply to dog sport and life’ (click).
A&C 2022: they have a camp and a competition before the event; it is expected to be on april 2- 3. En el camp estarán patrick servais (francia), samir (brasil), diego hernandez (colombia), zezinho (brasil). The judges are samy (brasil) & diego hernandez (colombia). facebook del camp. The cost is 1000 reales or 200 dollars.

04/10/21- Courses: marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), esa muotka from finland (facebook), david powell from france (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook).
Videos from verbano agility challenge: iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), Stephanie Hering (germany), solo & cap (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foker (facebook), Marina Beshovishka (bulgaria) & jet (facebook), Dani Fischbach (germany) & coke (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), Cathrin Steck (germany) & liv (youtube), carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), veronica odone (italy), ipa, heya (facebook), Sabina Häkansson (sweden) & ibra (instagram), nina gregl (croatia) & zaelie (facebook).
Videos from germany: nadine alshut & nuii (facebook), silas boogk & spider (facebook: 1, 2), anne lenz, vis & rosalie (facebook), falk konrad & ranger (facebook), tanja konrad & van (facebook), Frauke Krieger & dju (facebook), tom elsen & vix (facebook), Annika Af Klercker & sadie (facebook: 1, 2).
More videos: olga maniewska (poland) & mojo (facebook), christian wöss (austria) & lego (facebook: 1, 2, 3), ola gronek (poland), deal & hash (facebook), jane powell (england) & noddy en un seminario con dave munnings & dan shaw (facebook).

03/10/21- Live stream: verbano agility challenge (facebook).
Verbano challenge: results.
♦ large final: 1- nina gregl (croatia) & zaelie (joe de bobby dalziel is grandsire of zaelie and miss lilli (jenny damm)), 2- cathrin steck (germany) & liv (full sister of say (tereza kralova) & jack (lisa frick)), 3- nicola giraudi (italy) & eira. best lap: carlo magnoli & fidji.
♦ medium final: 1- Stephanie Hering (germany) & luk, 2- nicole kelpen (germany) & poker, 3- helmut paulik (austria) & kiwi.
♦ small final: 1-alberto marmo (italy) & dhitta, 2- anna ivanova(russia) & flip, 3- Maurizio Grandi (italy) & fury.
Obstacles: zig zag slalom from galican (webpage, facebook). It is used around since two decades ago. More zig zag slaloms: lotus education, smart-99, bing agility, ben at work, agimet, pro agility dog, agility obstacles, HCV, callieway, etc.
Guld agility 2022: the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), fanny gott (sweden), tamas traj (hungary), jocke tangfelt (sweden), seppo savikko (finland), asa wrede (sweden), bernd hüppe (austria), emma broberg (sweden), Reetta Pirttikoski (finland), malin tângring (sweden), Kine Eimhjellen (norway), anna käll (sweden). webpage, facebook, instagram.

02/10/21- Courses: seppo savikko from finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), sandra deidda from italy (facebook), vittorio papavero from italy (1, 2), Arto Laitinen from finland (facebook). training courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), steve schwartz from USA (click), Emilia Tziliou from greece (facebook), .
Videos: Jenna Crawford (canada) & witness training with jessica patterson (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), jessica patterson (canada) & lux (instagram), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), silas boogk (germany) & spider (facebook), Annika Af Klercker i (sweden) & sadie (facebook), nina gregl (croatia) & zaelie (facebook), marco magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook).
Software: agility imap would no longer be available on iphone (facebook). As it is often the case with apps like this, he lost his courses. He asked for suggestions of apps; the answers are smarter agility, agility 3D, agility builder.
Herding: usbcha national sheepdog finals webcast in USA (click)

01/10/21- October: verbano agility challenge is on october 1- 3 in italy (facebook); the judges are sandra deidda (italy), tamas traj (hungary), vittorio papavero (italy), rene blank (germany), paolo rebasti (italy). Icebear Cup in austria on october 9- 10 (click); the judges are Isabella Stefl (Austria), Veronika Herendy (Hungary). National championship in slovakia on october 9- 10 (click); the judge is karel havlicek. Finals of the national championship in croatia on october 10 (facebook) judged by mirja lapanja (slovenia). The cynosport games (usa) are on october 20- 24 (cluck). national agility championship in Hungary on october 16- 17 (facebook). The alpe adria is on october 17 (click); the judge is blaz oven (slovenia).
Gold rush: the competition in germany expected to be run on december 11- 12 has registrations open (click).
Fatigue on dogs: post on ho w to recognize it (facebook).
Videos: martina klimesova (rep. checa) & nemi (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foka (facebook), frederique degeaive (france) & petit coeur training with adrien grespier (facebook).

30/09/21- FMBB 2022: the competition in greece has been postponed; it is on may 10- 15 (click).
Border collie puppy: uksi from alen marekovic (croatia) is available (1, 2). he lost one of his leg when he born (click). alen marekovic expects 4 litters in november (click).
Videos: dani fischbach (germany), coke & jive at a zseminar with tereza kralova (facebook), jenny damm (sweden) & zonia (facebook), tuulia liuhto (finland) & rosé (facebook), julia füzi (hungary) & cinna (facebook).
Lord of the winter 2021- 2022: the judges are bonnik berthelsen (denmark) & juraj ruza (slovakia) in november, sari mikkilä (finland) & roman lukac (slovakia) in december, Toshiyuki oba (japan) & roman hajnala (slovakia) in january, sascha grunder (switzerland) & margareta Kolevova (slovakia) in february, jan egil eide (norway) & ivetta lukacova (slovakia) in march (click).

29/09/21- Courses: manuel alff from luxembourg (facebook), cédric bargoin from france (facebook: 1, 2), vittorio papavero from italy (facebook).
Agility nerd: article about the effort that slalom/weaves demands from dogs (click).
Winter camp 2022 in USA with ann braue & marcy mantell on february 18- 20 in florida (facebook).
Spain: rsce calendar for the second semester 2021 (click).
Mudi puppy available in canada (facebook). Squid is 8 months old, 10 kg and has a lot of energy.

28/09/21- Courses: roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), hugo santos from portugal (facebook), kurt munsters from belgium (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in germany around october 29 out of cymru x cola (click). Cymru is grandson of supreme champion sweep- hutchinson and cola's sire is eiri greme moss.
Videos: daniela zika (austria) & rice (facebook), daniel schröder (germany) & drive (facebook). Video de samir (brazil) & dinho (facebook); dinho's grandsire is double J roy from leandro boldrini (full brother of summit & trix).
Germany: lecture on frustration tolerance and impulse control in daily training in agility park (facebook). Registrations on the webpage.

27/09/21- Running contacts: new sound carpet from martin bodemann (facebook).
Videos: daniel walz (germany) & siri (facebook), krisztina kabai (germany) & side (facebook), marcy mantell (USA) and her new puppy steel (facebook), Virginie de Andrea (switzerland) & Chibee (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook), roberta boscolo (italy) & roger (facebook).
Border collie puppies expected in czech rep. out of welshriverdee rayder and with jack from lisa frick in their mother's line (1, 2).
Cynosport games 2021 is on october 20- 24 in Tennessee (magazine, facebook).
Rome agility festival: the 6 judges are sandra deidda, jan egil eide, tamas traj, petr pupik, paolo rebasti, andrea bellachioma (facebook).
Photocells new spanish design included in the jump (facebook).

25/09/21- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook), sergio sousa (portugal) in france (facebook), rolf frank from germany (facebook), hugo santos (portugal) in italy (facebook).
Videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), lisa frick (austria), jack & taco (facebook), juraj ruza (slovakia) & mysti training with tereza kralova from czech rep. (facebook).
Seminar with andy de groote in belgium on november 21 st (facebook).
Slovakia: webpage national agility association.
JJ dog (USA) posted on facebook: ‘I'm just thankful to be working for a company that understands the value in helping other organizations in the industry. ... So, all thanks to the team at J&J Dog Supplies, we were able to help an organization looking to make an impact. So, my challenge to you guys, go out and make a difference with what you have’.

24/09/21- Pistas: eric courant from france (facebook).
Agi doku is an agility puzzle game for course design created during pandemia. One judge creates a course and it is published with only a few numbers; people should suggest the design. We collected the courses with the solutions in a blog (click) adding the links to the original post on facebook (the creator of the game) where people can read the comments, courses, etc. facebook de Agi doku.
Puppies (malinois) planned in belgium out of the winner of gold rush 2019 (facebook). Border collie litters planned in england for 2022: Why not hash my queen X darley falls take that (facebook), greayless shiver X darley falls rising sun (facebook), newbold noomi X darleyfalls noddy spots (facebook); for 2021 they have a litter out of kei & bright (facebook) with fecth, sweep, etc among the ancestors.
Videos: neil ellis (england) training with iwona golab from poland (facebook), nadine alshut (germany) & cinna (youtube).
Facebook agility europe: fernando molano (colombia) inquires about the amount of heights at which people competes in the different countries (facebook).

23/09/21- Malinois puppy from miroslav tomic is available (1, 2).
Running contacts: post asking if people use the same directional command with running and jumps (facebook).
Stud: Tamtam (border collie out of why not lexi my queen x knoxx- gambling man of shamrockfield) is available as stud (facebook).
Obstacles: new material at the end pieces of jenny bows (facebook); the new one is more flexible .
Heights: post on facebook about the possible FCI decision on the number of categories (facebook): ‘In your opinion, when will the F.C.I. decide to enter the fourth category? It's frustrating to see an entire generation of dogs between 44 and 48 cm. Cut out for obvious physical limitations....’.

22/09/21- Courses: Hervé chaillou in france (click), sari mikkila from finland (facebook), lisa frick from austria (facebook), jose vandy in belgium (facebook).
Videos: jessica patterson (canada) & lux (vimeo), Marlon Boogk (france) & gun (facebook).
FCI championships: up to FCI's webpage (updated on september 15) the next european open aare in belgium (Opglabeek, july 28- 31), denmark (copenhagen, july 27- 30), United kingdom, Portugal (abrantes). The junior european open (junior world cups) are in finland in 2022 (vantaa, july 14- 17), united kingdom in 2023, portugal in 2025 abrantes). World cups are not updated. Reference: click.
Belgium: Ivo Tielens is the judge f the trial on october 24 in memorial of patrick (facebook). Registrations are through smarter agility starting on friday (click).

21/09/21- Videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.), say & high (youtube), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), justine davenport (canada), match & viva (vimeo), jenny damm (sweden), mailiz (1, 2), zeljko gora (croatia) & smokey (facebook), isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & perm (facebook), krisztina kabai (hungary- germany) & hydro (facebook).
Border collie puppies planned for 2022 at the german kennel feel the difference; they are out of Mer x Lass (facebook). mer is son of why not zet my queen and grandson of eiri greme moss and fetch granting pleasure; lass is granddaughter of tanhill glen, greatgranddaughter of sony from japan, full sister of style from max sprinz.
Lux winter cup: registrations are open and the deadline is october 20 if the limit of registrations is note reached before (facebook). webpage, facebook, reglamento. The dates are 13- 14 november, 11- 12 december, 15- 16 january, 12- 13 february. Some of the judges are Bonnik Berthelsen (denmark), neil ellis (england), Hervé Chaillou (france), Romain Stein (luxembourg), Romain Binsfeld (luxembourg).

20/09/21- Courses: petr pupik from czech rep. (facebook), mika kangas from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in hungary (facebook), chris faltner from austria- norway (facebook), viola veres in hungary (facebook), michael schilling from germany (facebook), esa muotka in finland (facebook), neil ellis from england (facebook), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Videos: carlo magnoli (italy) & fidji (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & foccia (facebook), elina jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), nina tönse (germany) & zap zarap (facebook), christian wöss (germany) & lego (facebook), Naarah Cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), dave munnings (england) & susan (facebook).
Software: smarter agility has new features (facebook).
Border collie puppies planed in belgium out of elliot x krunchy for 2022 (facebook); elliot has eiri greme gwen, rising sun dark rider in the pedigree.

19/09/21- Guld agility 2022 (kalmar, sweden) is on july 13- 17 (facebook).
Videos: svetlana kreslina (latvia) & dance (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & appaluse (facebook), sonja frick (austria) with taco (facebook) & hash (facebook), monika rylska (poland) & koza nostra (facebook), martina klimesova (czech rep.) & nemi (facebook), Elina Jänesniemi (finland) & etna (facebook), Annika Af Klercker from sweden (facebook).
Courses: jari suomalainen from finland (facebook), stephanie semkat from germany (facebook) tamas traj from hungary (facebook), sari mikkilä from finland (facebook).

18/09/21- Border collie puppies expected in italy (facebook); ther is eiri greme frank.
Videos: pavla duskova linking obedience and agility training (facebook), jude (5 years old) & cosmo (12 weeks) at Mc cann's course in canada (facebook), radovan liska (czech rep.) & rody (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya in hungary (facebook), Tereza Kaniova (czech rep.) & storm (facebook), Niina-Liina Linna (finland) & ingrid (facebook), nicky manes (argentina) & toffee (facebook), Tom O'Sullivan & Northhill Tess (tanhill glenn's daughter) herding (youtube).
Courses: wolfgang tieber from austria (facebook).

17/09/21- FCI WC 2025: it is in kalmar(sweden) on october 2- 5 (facebook).
Germany: tamas traj is the judge on november 26- 28 de noviembre at agility park- mendig. The judges at agility german classics are alex beitl & daniel walz. A 3 days competition on june 4- 6 will take place at southeast of frankfurt with judges alex beitl, tamas traj & daniel walz (click); registrations will open on february 1st for 200 competitors.

16/09/21- Italy: $ days competition in rome on june 2- 5 (facebook). They have 3 rings and 6 judges.
Germany: eifel wintercup in hundesport halle & agilitypark- mendig starts at the end of the year (facebook); it is a 3 days competition per month from november to february.
Artificial grass turf (jutagrass) used for slae in germany (facebook). 1100 square meters for 11.500 euros.
Border collie puppies born out of why not hash my queen in norway (facebook); they are 3 females & 1 male.
Intensive training with mona grefenstein & dani fischbach in germany on october 29 (facebook). It is to support team for WAO 2022.

15/09/21- Portugal: competition on october 16- 17; the judge is rene blank from germany (facebook).
Stud: border collie for stud in germany (facebook); his sire is app. app is litterbrother of never (justine davenpot), lux (jessica patterson), dice (miha primozic), applause (iwona golab).
Border collie puppy from herding lines available (facebook simon cottrell); jess x jim jnr.
Online course with anna eifert (hungary) on the fastest line (facebook). The cost is 125 euros, starts on september 25. Requirements are 18 m x 18 m field and, at least, 4 jumps.
Canada: updates on the qualy for 2022 (facebook).

14/09/21- September: born to run is on september 16- 19 in hungary (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat (germany), viola veres (hungary), tamas traj (hungary). First competition for border collies with FCI pedigree in spain on september 17- 19 (facebook).
Icebear cup (summer edition) is on september 18- 19 in austria (click); the judge is lisa frick.
Live results from smarter.
Article by patricia Mc Connell on piloerection in dogs and meannings (click).

13/09/21- Courses: rauno virta from finland (facebook), nicolas renaud from france (facebook), jimmy cruchet from switzerland (facebook), andrea deeg from germany (click), mika kangas from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), Angelika Brandl in austria (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook), Thora Van Der Stock in france (facebook), nat webb at Lechlade UKA masters (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden) with zonia (facebook) & mailiz (facebook), anne lenz (germany) & vis (facebook), svetlana kreslina (latvia) & dance (facebook), lisa frick (austria), taco, hash (facebook), marusa podjed (slovenia) & maya (facebook), jesus fernandez crespo (spain) & mokka (facebook), daisy peel (USA) training tricks with her new puppy (facebook). Videos from antional championship in czech rep.: jakub styrb & pipi, lucie glejdurova & beat, karel kurc & cool, katerina mrazkova & calahari.
Portugal: trial judged by petr pupik (czech rep.) on november 13- 14 (facebook).

12/09/21- EO/WC Junior & EO 2025 are in portugal on july (click). Zsuzsa Veres (hungary- portugal) is judge at EO/WC junior. Martin Schoffelmeer (netherlands) & Roman Lukac (Slovakia) are judges at EO.
Courses: Tommi Raita-aho from finland (facebook), jari suomalainen in finland (facebook) roman lukac from slovakia (facebook), tamas traj (hungary) in czech rep. (facebook), bonnik berthelsen (denmark) in sweden (facebook) esa muotka from finland (facebook), jouni kautto in finland (facebook). Training courses from marc martin (facebook); with few changes from one course to another.
Videos: jan egil eide (norway) & app (facebook), max sprinz (germany), bäxx, style, make (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), Calle Tangfelt (sweden) & zara in a seminar with jenny damm (facebook), ariane wieber (germany) & zola (facebook).
Czech Rep. : results rom the national championship (click). Los ganadores son
in L: radovan liska & rod (agility), lucie glejdurova & beat (jumping)
in ML: iwona golab (polonia) & seeya (agility, jumping)
in M : karel kurc & cool (agility), katerina mrazkova & calahari (jumping)
in S: marketa zavalidova & una (agility), hanna sediva & ziggy (jumping)
in XS: tomas kasparec & jackie (agility), tereza sobotkova & juliette (jumping).

11/09/21- Slalom: new design by way to weave from USA (webpage, specifications, assembling). The pole support are not welded but with attachment bolt and lock washer (attaching from beneath the base).
Magna racino: the next edition is on january 2023 (facebook).
Videos: isabelle emanuelsson (sweden) & monki (facebook), iwona golab (poland) & seeya (facebook), Ama Dbr (belgium) & lexour (facebook), Ramona Schürken (germany) & lyric (facebook), dave munnings (england) & boost qualifying for olympia (facebook), stephanie best (england), dust & munchy (facebook), aneta grygarova (czech rep.) in a seminar with tamas traj from hungary (facebook), mika kangas (finland) & bixxi (facebook).
Susan Garret (canada): video on dog working with distractions (facebook).
Courses: Tommi Raita- aho from finland (facebook), stefanie semkat (germany) in finland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), Gert Bruus in denmark (facebook), Tamas traj (hungary) in czech rep. (facebook: 1, 2), jari suomalainen from finland (facebook).
Fitness: signing up for free at dogs 4 motion give access to 12 excercises for free (click).

10/09/21- Iconi X 2022: the judges for the competition on october 30- 31 are tamas traj (hungary), rene blank (germany), jocke tangfelt (sweden) and the locals paul hinchley & nicole turner (facebook).
Puppies mudi expected in estonia for november (facebook).
Online course: ‘follow nemi 3’ for handling starts on september 20, registrations are open (facebook, youtube). The cost is 180 euros with dog and 120 euros for auditor; it lasts 8 months.
Spain: the master class on friday 24 with stefanie semkat (germany) is full (facebook); there are only places as auditor.
Ireland : there is a competition on september 11 to raise funds for the national team for WAO 2022 (facebook).

09/09/21- Videos: tereza kralova (czech rep.) in a seminar with tamas traj from hungary (facebook), calle tangfelt (sweden) & zara (facebook), ola gronek (poland) & baya (facebook), dirk richartz (germany) & seven (facebook), Maja Komorowska (poland) & flaszka training with tamas traj (youtube), janita/ naxu & jakko/ wow from finalnd (facebook), petr pupik (czech rep.) & tulla training with tamas traj from hungary (facebook).
Obstacles: information on the pvc jumps from galican (facebook).
Puppies croatian sheepdog from alen marekovic (facebook); they are 3 females & 2 males.
Polish open 2022 is on february 4- 6 (facebook).

08/09/21- Online videos: Q-me has a new module on threadle (facebook).
Netherlands: criteria to qualify for national championship 2022 (facebook).
Germany: calendar of competitions (click).
Canada: the tryouts for WAO are on february 12- 13 at mc cann dogs hall (facebook).
Czech Rep. : the national championship is on september 11- 12 (click). The judges are Karina Divisova (czech rep. ), Lenka Pankova (czech rep.), jaroslava podmolova (czech rep.), tamas traj (hungary).
Austria: Lena Nikou, Tamara Sedlmaier & Claudia Ringer won at national championship in large, medium y small (click).

07/09/21- Puppies: malinois born in germany (facebook, webpage). Border collie: justine davenport's litter out of never x dash was born in canada (facebook); they are 3 females & 4 males.
Courses: stefanie semkat from germany (facebook), madeleine bereflod in sweden (facebook), david powell from france (facebook), bernd hüppe from austria (facebook), Malin Tângring from sweden (facebook).
Videos: marcy mantell (USA) & her new puppy steel (facebook), carlo magnoli (italy) & fiji (facebook), monika rylska frompoland (facebook), sandi okanovic (slovenia) & miya (facebook), silvan zumthrum (switzerland) & penny (facebook).
Seminars with zeljko gora (croatia) in germany on november 15- 16 (facebook). The cost is 95 euros per day.
Online course: registrations for the course foundations revisited with silvia trkman (slovenia) are open; it starts on september 28. video, info. The cost is 290 euros with dog and dvd (250 euros if you already have the DVD), 240 euros as auditor or repeater (200 euros if you already have the dvd).

05/09/21- Live stream: SM in switzerland.
Puppies: the shetland puppies (2 females) from thomas berger (austria) out of noobs (quite perfect noobs of summergarden) X luxor are born (facebook). Border collie puppies expected in slovenia out of Jam X style (facebook).
Courses: jocke tangfelt (sweden) at SM from switzerland (facebook), kurt ove steinset from norway (facebook), carlo fazio from italy (facebook), marko mäkelä from finland (facebook), markku kaukinen in finland (click).
Videos: natasha wise (england) & toto (facebook), ola gronek (poland) & deal (facebook).

04/09/21- Courses: marko makkelä from finland (facebook), rene blank from germany (facebook), anders virtanen from finland (facebook).
Videos: jenny damm (sweden), zonia (her youngest dog) & maliz (facebook: 1, 2), ola gronek (poland) & deal (facebook: 1, 2), lisa frick (austria) & taco (facebook), krisztina kabai (germany) & side (facebook), joanna fischer (poland) & limit (facebook), Tanja Fähndrich (Switzerland), phoenix & lycan (facebook), matej cucek (slovenia) & panda (youtube).

03/09/21- Switzerland: the national championship is on september 4- 5 in fräschels (click). The judges are jocke tangfelt (sweden) & bernd hüppe (austria). Inscriptos.
Gold rush 2021: registrations will open on october 1 via webmelden for the competition on december 11- 12 (facebook).
Hungary: there are a few days left for registering at the first comeptition at dogflow arena on september 17- 19 (facebook); the judges are stefanie semkat, viola veres, tamas traj. National championship is on october 16- 17 (facebook); the foreign judge is jocke tangfelt (sweden).
USA: ‘2021 Oktoberfest Sasquatch ISC Cup’ at clear mind on october 2- 3 (webpage, facebook). The courses are designed by lisa frick (austria) and judged by Dave Sliger. It will have live stream.

02/09/21- WAO 2022: first approach of the schedule (click). the obstacles are from galican (facebook).
Puppies: the border collie litter out of jake x sun born in hungary (facebook); they are 5 females & one male, their grandsire is why not hash my queen. The litter out of winnie x luigi is born in slovenia (facebook); they are 3 males and two of them are available.
Videos: janita leinonen (finland) & naxu (facebook), max sprinz (germany), bäxx & style (facebook).
Courses by stefanie semkat from germany (facebook).
Sapin: the first championship for shetlands is onoctober 30- 31 (facebook). registrations and information is through telegram (prueba agility pinto). The judge is Iban Cubedo.

01/09/21- Courses: vittorio papavero from italy (facebook), martin ritter from germany (facebook), rosanne de mascio from USA (facebook).
Puppies border collie litter expected in canada (facebook); the sire is never from justine davenport and the dam is dash, biz (jessica patterson) is full sister. Never is out of jazz x summit, he is full brother to lux (jessica patterson), dice (miha primozic), app (tina vieli), applause (iwona golab). Mudi females puppies available in hungary (facebook). The litter Cherry X why not hash my queen from Ingo rrabe was born in germany (facebook); they are 4 femaless & 1 male.
Videos: naarah cuddy (england) & banana (facebook), dave munnings (england) with modo & susan/legacy (facebook), dani fishbach (germany) & coke (facebook), jaakko (finland) & wow (facebook), krisztina kabai (hungary-germany) & side (facebook).
Julia Fuzi (hungary) & nexxi (facebook).

31/08/21- EO 2022: the organizers answered that, due to belgian laws, dogs with cropped ears/ tails can not comepte in belgium (facebook).

previous updates are in spanish

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